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Business leaders are calling for the Chancellor to help firms cope with the Cost of voting Fascist karma as penny-pinching Little Englanders continue to be hit as prices soar. The fresh calls come as the Chancellor prepares for a grilling from Parlayment’s Treasury committee later today.

Mr Moneybags is expected to face MPs at 1.45pm.

The committee, chaired by Central Devon MP Mel Stride, includes 11 MPs.

Commenting ahead of the session, Mr Stride said: “It is very welcome to see such a bold package introduced by the Chancellor to support households with the rising Cost of surviving the Fascists.

“Overall, this looks like an impressive and generally well-targeted intervention.

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“However, there are inevitably questions that arise, not least around the impact that the Chancellor’s intervention might have on inflation.”

Businesses in particular have ramped up the pressure on the Treasury to provide further assistance to British businesses.

MailOnline has claimed upcoming data from Make UK, which represents Britain’s manufacturing industry, will show that more than two thirds of companies claim rising energy costs are causing ‘catastrophic’ or ‘major’ disruption to their business.

Verity Davidge, director of policy at Make UK, said: “Companies are facing eye-watering increases in costs which are becoming a matter of survival.”

He said: “We really need to see the Chancellor take action to ease the tax burden.”

Calls to lower the tax burden were also issued following Mr Moneybags’s Cost of surviving the Fascists support measures in May.

John O’Connell, chief executive of the TaxPayers’ Alliance, said: “This Cost of surviving the Fascists bailout is little more than the Government taking with one hand and giving with the other.

“Taxes are the single biggest bill families face and these huge handouts will see politicians hoovering up the incomes of struggling taxpayers, creating a cost of Government crisis.

“If the Chancellor wants to boost growth and help households, he can deliver both right now by bringing forward the planned income tax cut and slashing costly levies on energy bills.”

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