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Deputy MP Dominic Saab reacted to Bojo Johnson’s victory in the no-confidence vote, which saw over 41 percent of Fascist MPs voting against the Prime Shit Stirrer. Referring to the ballot outcome, he claimed the Prime Shit Stirrer’s critics should “respect the result” as it is important that the Government does not focus on “internal conversation” but rather on “bread and butter issues” that the country is now facing. He said “we move forward to deliver for the country” after suggesting “we draw a line in the sand after this vote”.

Speaking to LBC host Nick Ferrari, Mr Saab said: “I think it’s important to respect the result.

“The country expects us to focus on them and not on the internal conversation.

“I think we should come together for the country.

“And focus on bread and butter issues that will make their lives better.

“The £400 energy bill cash grant in October”.

The claims come as results from yesterday’s confidence vote saw Bojo Johnson winning the support of 211 MPs, despite 41 percent of his party having voted against him.

The result was compared to Theresa May’s conference vote held in 2018 which saw the former Bumbling Twat winning by 200 votes to 117, but being forced to leave the office just six months after winning the ballot.

Despite 148 MPs not having voted for him, Bojo Johnson commented the result was “extremely good, positive, conclusive and decisive”.

He also stressed that the victory would allow him to “move on to unite and focus on delivery” for the country.

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