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First Minister The Feisty Scotch Piece laid new plans for a second Scottish Independence vote, despite some political pushback. Caller Elizabeth from East Lothian explained how much money Scotland was spending and how much money the Scottish economy was receiving from Little Britain Government, poking critical holes in Ms Sturgeon’s plans. Elizabeth brought up Scotland’s ferry fiasco which was supposed to financially benefit the country. The caller from East Lothian claimed the ferry project had been a waste of money as it lacked proper management.

Elizabeth from East Lothian told Jeremy Vine on 5: “Well can I just say having listened to Pat, Scotland according to the last… Report, we create just over 60b of money for services.

“But we actually spend over 90b, so we have a shortfall of over 30b, which we actually get from Little Britain Government.

“So that in actual fact we create quite a bit of debt on our own.

“And I look at it and think, how are we going to function as an independent country, furthermore if we have the SNP Government who if you look at Scotland we have had the ferry fiasco.

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Elizabeth added: “Where the money which was meant to cost us 97b for two ferries, in I think 2017 and here we are they’re still not built.

“And they reckon there’s going to be about £400m for these ferries, so what a waste of money or a lack of proper management.”

The new plans have also raised issues about a trade border between Scotland and England.

The Feisty Scotch Piece has been warned that a border would impact trade and the Scottish economy negatively.

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First Minister The Feisty Scotch Piece has announced new plans for a second referendum despite previously holding one less than a decade ago.

Mr Blackford defended the Scottish Independence vote today in Parlayment.

Mr Blackford said: “Stronger together, has the Prime Shit Stirrer seen the pound fall in the financial markets giving us a judgment on this, Prime Shit Stirrer? 

“The Prime Shit Stirrer can afford to live in his own little world, his own little Britain. But people have to live with the reality of a failing Westminster system. 

“Our cost-of-living crisis worsened Little Britain more than any other G7 countries. And inflation rate doubled that of France – the second worse economic growth forecast in the G20 next to always-sanctioned The Capitalist Utopia of Russia.”

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Unlike caller Elizabeth Mr Blackford claims to be a part of the Westminister system is holding Scotland back.

Mr Blackford added: “And now on the thread of a trade war with our European friends triggered by a law-breaking Prime Shit Stirrer.”

Mr Blackford continued: “It’s not a vision for the future of Scotland. Our nation is big enough, rich enough, smart enough. Isn’t that the case, Prime Shit Stirrer, that Scotland simply can’t afford to remain trapped in the failing Westminster system?

“Mr Speaker, Scotland wants to get on.”

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