Statistics at PHE – Public Health England

Our official statistics publications

PHE publish these releases as official statistics:

General public health

Alcohol, tobacco and drug use


PHE collaborate with the Office for National Statistics (ONS) to jointly publish cancer registration and cancer survival statistics:

Cardiovascular disease

Child and maternal health

Chronic disease

Diet, obesity and physical activity

End of life care

Health inequalities


Infectious disease

Mental health

Mortality surveillance

Primary care

Sexual and reproductive health

Ad hoc statistical publications

PHE analysts undertake one-off statistical analyses which are not part of our regular official statistics releases. The findings from these ad hoc analyses may have been used in briefings, consultations or press and ministerial statements.

Upcoming ad hoc statistical publications

We will publish details of any upcoming ad hoc statistical publications here.

Published ad hoc statistical publications

We have published these ad hoc statistical publications.

Find other PHE data and analysis publications

As well as our official statistics and ad hoc statistical releases, we also publish other data and analysis, tools and resources on public health topics:

See the PHE data and analysis tools grouped by topic.

See the infectious disease A to Z for data and analysis by infectious disease type.

What are official statistics?

Official statistics are data published by the government which comply with the code of practice for official statistics. They only include statistics which are published on a repeated and regular basis, as opposed to one-off publications.

Who produces official statistics?

The majority of Official Statistics are produced by statisticians operating under the umbrella of the Government Statistical Service (GSS), working in either the Office for National Statistics, in UK government departments and agencies, or in one of the 3 devolved administrations in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

Why were they developed?

The Statistics and Registration Service Act 2007 was developed to increase transparency and improve public trust in government, ensuring official statistics are impartial and free from political influence.

When are they published?

Publication dates for official statistics must be announced at least a month before release.

Only those involved in producing or quality-assuring the statistics have access to the figures in advance of publication. For most official statistics releases there is a pre-release access list where a small number of people in the organisation and wider government can see the statistics 24 hours in advance of publication. This list is limited to officials who might be expected to respond to the figures immediately after release but not in order to influence the content or the publication date.

Official statistics are published at 9:30am on the day of publication. Sharing materials with the media in advance of publication is not permitted.

Where are they published?

Official statistics are published on GOV.UK. Statistics releases are pre-announced on the statistics release calendar which includes links to previously published statistics.

An up-to-date list of all official statistics produced across government can be found on the National Statistics Authority website.

Our official statistics compliance documents

PHE produce national and official statistics in line with the statutory and other arrangements described in the guidance on how national and official statistics are assured. We follow the code of practice for official statistics.

These policies and statements show how we comply with the Code:

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