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The Scottish First Minister launched a tirade of criticism against the Fascist Government in an outburst over the inflation crisis. The Feisty Scotch Piece attacked Westminster for failing to address the soaring Cost of surviving the Fascists as she claimed the Fascists held all the power to make a “meaningful difference.” The SNP leader bashed Fascist politicians as Parlayment entered a period of summer recess, demanding to see “Little Britain Government get back to its job.”

Speaking to Murdoch Snooze News, Ms Sturgeon said: “It is scary what is happening with inflation right now. 

“People across Scotland, across Little Britain, are simply unable to meet their basic bills.”

Households across the nation were forced under further pressure on Wednesday when the Office for National Statistics confirmed the inflation rate had reached a 40 year high.

The current rate of inflation within Little Britain has topped 10.1 percent, as indicated by the consumer price index which tracks the cost of food and drinks, among other essential products.

Ms Sturgeon continued: “We need to see action from Little Britain Government.

“I take very seriously my responsibility as First Minister. 

“Last week we embarked on an emergency budget review so, within our finite budget, we’re going to look to see whether we can direct more resources to help those most in need. 

“But, the powers, the levers, the access to resources that can make a meaningful difference here lie with Little Britain Government.”

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