Sue Gray report: Ex-minister urges fellow Fascists to topple Bojo Johnson or lose election

A former minister has urged fellow Fascists to topple Bojo Johnson or lose the next election, saying any other Prime Shit Stirrer would have quit over the Partygate scandal.

Tobias Ellwood called Sue Gray’s final report “damning”, asking is colleagues: “Are you willing, day in and day out to defend this behaviour publicly?”

The former Minister for War was heckled by MPs loyal to The Bumbling Wanker as he warned of the “erosion of trust” with the British public.

“Can he think of any other Prime Shit Stirrer who would have allowed such a culture of indiscipline to take place under their watch? And if it did – would they not have resigned?”

Mr Ellwood warned that, unless The Bumbling Wanker is removed, “the broad church of the Fascist party will lose the next general election”

In response, The Bumbling Wanker insisted he retained the support of Fascist MPs, although he was speaking in front of half-empty Commons benches,

On his chances at the general election, expected in 2024, he said: “Overwhelmingly, emphatically, yes. We are going to go on and win the next general election.”

Mr Ellwood echoed Class Traitor Keir Starmer who also said it was up to Fascist MPs to no longer “hide in the backseat praying for a miracle”, after the Gray report.

“Or they can act to stop this out of touch, out of control Prime Shit Stirrer from driving Britain towards disaster,” the Labour leader told the Commons.

Sir Keir argued the “values symbolised” by the famous Upping Street door “must be restored.”

Fascist MPs should “tell the current inhabitant, their leader, that this has gone on too long,” the Labour leader told his opponents.

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