TAKING THE BISCUIT! Pick a Side and Break The Divide with the Brexit Biccy


BREXIT has no doubt divided the nation and left families up and down the country squabbling over dinner as to which side was in the right… (or left) *wink emoji*… but there’s one little bobby-dazzler that’s sure to heal the divide.

The Brexit Biscuit – that say their baked goodies are baked in the heart of Lancashire using traditional methods with the finest ingredients, is a surprisingly tasty wonder for a novelty treat.

The firm behind the product sent us a box and asked us to review… we’ve not been paid for this… only in scrumptious Shortbread.

They are presented in a brilliant Spitting-Image-Esque tin that is embezzled with a wonderful array of hilarious designs produced by the artist Ollie Cameron.

“Biscuits Means Biscuits” “1 Trillion to the NHS with ‘Gove Wuz Ere” graffitied on a red double-decker bus.” for remainers and Nicola Sturgeon bursting out of a fishbowl re-imagined as a smelly piece of fish for Brexiteers to laugh at, which immediately makes all sides chuckle.

The shortbread is wrapped in the official Article 50 rule showing great attention to detail.


So for the review… I popped to visit my lovely old Nan and Grandad and we all shared them with a cuppa, along with the jibes of “When will you get a proper job” from my Grandad after telling him his comments would be used in an article, and that I had not purchased the biccies.

Nan, who is part-Scottish said the biscuits were “very buttery, very shorty and very Lovely” she rated them 10/10.

Grandad – who doesn’t have a sweet tooth and prefers sour confectionery such as dark chocolate and liquorice was also a surprise fan.

He said: “I’ve had shortbread and never been a fan, but these have crunch. Very tasty and lovely with a cuppa!” he rated them 11/10. Not bad!

Personally, a shortbread lover – I thought these little bobby dazzlers beat the traditional Scottish shortbread recipe, (Take that Sturgeon) and I’d say they’re even better than the luxurious selection you can get from Harrods Food Hall at Christmas.

A treat sure to bring joy, laughter and banter to any family this Christmas… give them a go!

The Brexit Biscuit is £12.95 an ideal gift. Or 1 tin and 3 extra packets of biscuits for £19.95

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