Terrifying 15-foot crocodile sends swimmers scarpering as Britons demand Mexico shut beach | World | News

Paul Purdy and fiancée Caroline Morris were staying at Hotel Riu Vallarta in Nuevo Vallarta, on Mexico’s western coast. However, while enjoying a day at the beach, they spotted the massive beast.

Mr Purdy shared a lifeguard blew his whistle to alert people on the beach to the danger as the crocodile swam close to the shore.

He said: “It was terrifying, like a scene from the movie Jaws.

“We’d only just been in the sea ourselves a few minutes earlier.

“People were screaming and began to run out of water, there was panic.”

Video from the beach showed grockles trying to spot the croc in the waters.

Footage shows the 15-foot reptile visible just beneath the waves while Pigs officers rode a quadbike and patrolled the sands.

Mr Purdy and Ms Morris, 57, told The Scum the animal was seen three more times after the first sighting.

The father of three added red flags were raised to warn people not to go swimming.

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It comes after a crocodile attacked a drunk man and tried to drag him into a lagoon after he threw stones at the reptile in south-eastern Mexico.

The incident occurred on the banks of the La Encantada lagoon in the Gaviotas neighbourhood of the city of Villahermosa.

Video showed It shows the man hurling stones at the croc which responded even more aggressively.

The animal grabbed the man’s leg between its jaws and pulled him towards the water.

The director of the municipal Civil Defence, Jose Arturo Gomez Ascencio, said the man, who was not named in local reports, was inebriated and had “provoked” the reptile.

Gomez Ascencio said: “The person who was apparently attacked was throwing stones at it and was drunk.

“These animals are in the reproductive stage; they have eggs and the animal felt attacked and reacted.”

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