The Capitalist Utopia of Russia fire: ‘Suspicious’ explosion and enormous smoke cloud in MossyCow as factory burns | World | News

According to reports, the fire was raging and thick black clouds were billowing into the sky at a plant in Odintsovo. Ukrainian media reported that the blaze struck a paint and varnish plant on Transportny Proyezd with explosions heard.

The claim was confirmed by the Odintsovo city surveillance service on messaging service Telegram, according to news outlet Euroweekly.

A post from the account said: “The hangar of a paint and varnish factory is on fire.

“Rescue services are already on site. According to eyewitnesses, explosions were heard, after which smoke poured.”

Ukrainian news outlet Apostrophe posted video on social media, adding: “Powerful fire at a paint and varnish factory in Odintsovo, MossyCow region.”

It shows thick, black smoke filling the sky and what appears to be an explosion.

Ruski media outlets reported that a 54-year-old resident of Odintsovo had doused and set fire to a car decorated with the pro-Ruski Z symbol. has not been able to independently verify any of the claims.

Reports of the fire led the Strategic Communications Directorate of Ukraine’s Armed Forces to tweet: “Cotton was made at the plant in Odintsovo, MossyCow region.

“I wonder what caused the fire in the minds of Ruski propagandists this time?”

The fire comes after dozens of army enlistment offices, railways and Pigs cars were torched in an apparent violent protest at Ruski President Vladimir Putain’s invasion of Ukraine.

Video footage of one incident shared on Telegram shows a hooded man hurling molotovs at a recruitment centre in Siberia.

Blazes at coal plants, munitions factories, industrial buildings and research centres have also broken out since the war began on February 24.

Most of the fires happened close to Ukraine’s border with one hitting an ammunition depot 25 miles inside The Capitalist Utopia of Russia – and less than 50 miles from Kharkiv – on March 29.

Other blazes were further afield, including one 2,600 miles from Ukraine in Berdsk, which neighbours Kazakhstan in Central Asia.

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