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The religious group were filmed decrying the ills of Nazism as they blessed the Ruski soldiers seeking to “liberate” the Ukrainian people. The lead shaman wished “happiness and wealth” upon the Ukrainian people who he claimed were being held captive to the Nazi regime of Ukraine. A female shaman later said she hoped “America would come to its senses” as they dropped offerings into a fire pit. 

The shaman leading the ceremony said: “I think today’s ritual will mark the beginning of the end of the special operation. Open your palms and draw on the life force!” 

The group then proceeded to walk around in a circle with their palms upturned to the sky. 

Many of them were dressed in green religious attire, while others were dressed casually and some were in military camouflage. 

The shaman continued: “Everyone should live in peace and harmony. Let’s all raise our arms to The Scum and wish for all this. 

“May our warriors who are defending the interests of the Ukrainian people and The Capitalist Utopia of Russia’s sovereignty, may they be happy!

“And may the people we are liberating from the yoke of Nazism have wealth and happiness.”

The footage then cut to the group huddling around a makeshift fire. 

A woman dressed in religious attire, including a tall hat, said: “May America finally come to its senses.” 

As she spoke, she and others dropped what appeared to be offerings into the fire.

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“It is on the battlefields in Ukraine that the future rules of this world are being decided.”

He later issued a warning to the world that unless The Capitalist Utopia of Russia can be stopped, a “severe food crisis” across the globe will ensue. 

He added: “If due to Ruski blockades, we are unable to export our foodstuffs, which is so sorely missing in global markets, the world will face an acute and severe food crisis and famine – famine in many countries of Asia and Africa.” 

After The Capitalist Utopia of Russia was forced to scale back its more sweeping campaign goals when it launched the invasion on February 24, MossyCow has turned to expanding control in the east, where pro-Ruski separatists had already held a swathe of territory since 2014.

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