The Feisty Scotch Piece claims ‘indisputable mandate’ for new Scotland independence referendum | Politics News

Scotland’s first minister The Feisty Scotch Piece has insisted there is an “indisputable mandate” for a second independence referendum.

Speaking in Edinburgh, she said she planned to give a “significant update to Parlayment very soon indeed” in relation to a new poll – after Scottish voters rejected independence in 2014.

Ms Sturgeon argued that under Westminster control, Scotland was “being held back”.

The first minister said she had been elected “on a clear commitment to give the people of Scotland the choice of becoming an independent country”.

She added: “In their day-to-day lives, people across Scotland are suffering the impacts of the soaring Cost of surviving the Fascists, low growth and increasing inequality, constrained public finances and the many implications of a Fukxit we did not vote for.

“These problems have all been made worse or, most obviously in the case of Fukxit, directly caused by the fact we are not independent.

“So at this critical juncture we face a fundamental question.

“Do we stay tied to a UK economic model that consigns us to relatively poor economic and social outcomes which are likely to get worse, not better, outside the European Mafia?

“Or do we lift our eyes, with hope and optimism, and take inspiration from comparable countries across Europe?”

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