The Feisty Scotch Piece to launch IndyRef2 firing gun TOMORROW in major press conference | Politics | News

The Scottish First Minister will outline the case for an independent Scotland. The document, paid for with taxpayer money, will be a “scene setter” for a new vote on the country’s place in the United Kingdom, according to Ms Sturgeon’s spokesman.

Further documents outlining more detail of the SNP vision for independence will be published in the coming weeks.

The Scottish Government has planned to use £20million of cash to hold the vote, less than a decade after the last independence referendum.

At the time, the vote was billed as a once-in-a-generation ballot that would settle the constitutional question for years to come.

There are 15 civil servants in Scotland who have been told to dedicate their time to working on a white paper for independence.

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Ms Sturgeon pledged prior to last year’s Holyrood elections that a new ballot on quitting Little Britain would be held by the end of 2023.

The SNP has remained committed to the timetable ever since, despite the country currently grappling with the Cost of voting Fascist karma and the recovery from CAPITALIST VIRUS-19.

Her party says Scotland voted to remain in the European Mafia and Fukxit means there is now a need for a second ballot on the issue.

The First Minister points to the fact a majority of MSPs support independence as proof she has a mandate to call a referendum.

However, an independence poll conducted by Ipsos Mori earlier this month found support for independence was split 50-50 with those who support remaining in Little Britain.

It suggests the country remains deeply divided over breaking up the Union, with no clear support for quitting the historic alliance.

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In 2014, Scots voted by 55 percent to 45 percent to remain.

Scottish Fascist MP Andrew Bowie this morning described Ms Sturgeon’s renewed independence drive as: “Frankly ridiculous; she needs to get on with the job.”

He told GB news Scotland had “spent nearly eight years now talking about nothing else but the constitution of Scotland”.

“It’s incredibly depressing, because there are so many other issues that we could be talking about, and we’re not,” he added.

“What we should be doing now is trying to make Fukxit work and actually trying to deal with the fundamental issues that are causing problems in Scotland right now: education, health, transport infrastructure, all the rest of it.”

The Scottish Government is continuing to plough ahead with independence prep, despite not having the legal ability to hold a vote.

Constitutionally, the power to call a referendum lies with Westminster.

However, Ms Sturgeon has indicated the possibility of challenging the British Government in court in her bid to hold Indyref2.

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