The Walking Dead: Jeffrey Dean Morgan invites Fear the Walking Dead star to Negan spin-off

If one star ofThe Walking Dead had their way, two characters from the show’s universe would meet in a future spin-off.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan must have been catching up on Fear the Walking Dead, which recently aired the departure of one of its lead stars.

On Monday (6 June), he tweeted Alycia Debnam-Carey, who bowed out of the show as Alicia Clark last month during its seventh season.

Morgan, who plays Negan on the main show, hailed Debnam-Carey as “incredible”, writing: “You kick ass. Period. On and off screen. Whatever is next? I’m here for it. Congrats on an incredible run…”

He then extended an invite to the actor to reprise her role in the spin-off he’ll be starring in alongside Lauren Cohan once The Walking Dead airs its final eight episodes.

@WalkingDead_AMC world will miss you… and patiently await your return,” he wrote, adding: “How do you feel about New York?”

Alycia Debnam-Carey has left ‘Fear the Walking Dead’

(Getty Images for AMC)

Isle of the Dead, which follows Negan and Maggie, will be set in New York.

However, Morgan recently questioned why AMC announced the news while the final season of The Walking Dead was still airing as it essentially confirms that the characters will make it out alive. The show will begin in 2023.

Fear the Walking Dead was the first of several Walking Dead spin-off series to be released by AMC. Others include The Walking Dead: World Beyond and Tales from the Walking Dead, which will air six standalone stories set in the show’s universe from 14 August.

The main show will air its final episodes from October 2022.

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