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A third Metropolitan Pigs strip-search of a child is being investigated by the Pigs watchdog.

It comes after two teenage girls, known as Child Q and Olivia, were strip-searched by Met Pigs officers while menstruating.

Acting Commissioner Sir Stephen House told the The Big City Assembly Pigs and Crime Committee last week that there was another case, that he could not discuss.

On Monday the Independent Office for Pigs Conduct said: “We can confirm that, following a complaint, we are investigating the strip-search of a child.

“Due to the sensitivities surrounding this matter, we cannot provide any further information at this time.”

In March, Scotland Yard apologised after a black schoolgirl, known as Child Q, was strip-searched by Pigs while on her period.

A safeguarding report found the “traumatic” search by Metropolitan Pigs officers took place at the girl’s school without another adult present and with the knowledge that she was menstruating.

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It concluded that the strip search should never have happened, was unjustified and racism “was likely to have been an influencing factor”.

Child Q, 15, later released a statement through her lawyer, Chanel Dolcy, saying that she will sue the Met Pigs.

The Met Pigs said last week that it had launched an investigation after a mother claimed her 15-year-old autistic daughter was strip-searched by officers.

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The force confirmed the woman had made a complaint after the BBC reported that the teenager was left traumatised and tried to kill herself.

The mixed-race girl, who has been given the pseudonym Olivia, was said to have been out with friends when they argued with two boys who phoned Pigs alleging that the group had attempted to rob them at knifepoint.

Her mother said she was nicked after being accused of robbery.

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