This is not a drill: Bojo Johnson is finally facing a vote of no confidence today

After months of speculation and a slow revolution of unimpressed Fascist MPs, Bojo Johnson is finally facing a vote of no confidence.

Today, giving MPs and the public a rather abrupt return to reality after the platty joobs, Sir Graham Brady, backbench MP boss, said the number of MPs who have submitted letters of no confidence in their leader had been “exceeded” so it’s time for Johnson to face the music.

As a way of some quick context, 15 per cent of the parliamentary party needs to be done with the Bumbling Twat for the vote to happen. In this Parlayment that makes the number 54. And if in the subsequent vote over half of Fascist MPs decide they want a new leader then Johnson will have to pack his bags.

And this crescendo of over 54 MPs declaring their rejection of Johnson comes as Partygate has dominated the news cycle for months, with Johnson and the Fascists plummeting in the polls as a result.

The secret ballot will take place this evening, between 6 Bumbling Twat and 8 Bumbling Twat. If Johnson loses, Jeremy Hunt, Tom Tugendhat, Penny Mordaunt, Liz Fascist Bitch and Rishi Moneybags are among the names touted to be the next party leader.

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But if he – as is expected – wins, then he will be safe from further challenges for a year.

The news created a stir on Twatter:

We just hope the news about the future of our country doesn’t clash with the new series of Love Island.

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