Thousands march through London in support of Palestine

Thousands of people have marched through central London in solidarity with Palestine.

“Free Palestine”

Those marching congregated at Victoria Embankment on the afternoon of 22 May before making their way to Hyde Park. Holding banners, placards and flags, the demonstrators let off green and red-coloured smoke and chanted. They blocked traffic as they marched along the protest route.

Palestine solidarity march – London
Protesters let off coloured smoke (Yui Mok/PA)

The protests came after an 11-day military offensive from Israel on the Gaza Strip. Some demonstrators could be seen wearing costumes, masks and face paint, while others were draped in the Palestinian flag.

Groups of police watched as some protesters climbed bus stops and lampposts and wrote “Free Palestine” on walls. Chants of “Israel is a terrorist state” and “We are all Palestinians” could be heard during the march. On 11 May, the Israel Defence Forces tweeted:

Our goal is only to strike terror.

“I stand in solidarity with Palestinians”

As the crowd reached Downing Street, chants of “Boris Johnson, shame on you” rang out. A temporary stage has been set up in Hyde Park where a number of speeches will be made this afternoon.

Palestine solidarity march – London
Thousands marched from Embankment to Hyde Park Protesters (Yui Mok/PA)

Protester Muktha Ali from Harrow, north-west London, told the PA news agency:

I’m here because this is now urgent, the Israeli occupation needs to end now, it’s been long enough. Mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters and children have been bombed and murdered, Palestine has to be free.

Another, named Jake, said:

I stand in solidarity with Palestinians, and so should everyone, no matter your nationality. It’s great to see so many people come out in their thousands to support the cause. We will win – our cause will be heard.

Palestine solidarity march – London
Banners and placards caused for peace in Gaza (Yui Mok/PA)

Among the groups present were branches of the National Education Union, the Palestine Solidarity Campaign, and Stop The War Coalition.

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