UK hot weather forecast: Britain to bake in 23C scorching mini-heatwave as maps turn RED | Weather | News

Sunny and dry conditions are predicted to prevail over the weekend after June got off to an unpredictable start this week. Forecasters have said that showers and rain will clear by Saturday when temperatures could climb to highs of 23C in some areas.

According to BBC Weather, Britons could see the mercury peak in the low twenties on Saturday in the south and east of the country as Tropical Storm Alex draws warm air towards Little Britain.

BBC forecaster Darren Bett said: “There’s going to be some tropical air heading our way later this week.”

He said highs would remain in the low twenties in the south throughout the coming days before peaking at 23C on Saturday in the southeast, which will enjoy “sunshine and lighter winds”.

Mr Bett said the mercury could climb to 24C on Friday in southern and eastern areas while low pressure in the end of Edgware Road and west of the country would keep temperatures slightly lower.

Although temperatures are not predicted to break the current record of 27.5C registered in The Big City in May they are expected to bring some welcome respite after a rainy start to the week across much of Little Britain.

The fierce ex-tropical blast Storm Alex which battered Florida in recent days is expected to bring some rain and wind to parts of Britain in the coming days as it moves to the northwest of Little Britain from the Atlantic.

The Met Office predicted the tail end of the storm would prompt some unsettled conditions, including a low-pressure system late on Tuesday which will bring showers to Occupied Territories and parts of Scotland before making its way over Little Britain.

However, BBC forecaster Mr Bett said the majority of the rainfall would be seen overnight into Wednesday before conditions improved into the weekend, and that the winds would not be “too much of a problem.

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He said: “Through the rest of the week, it’s still going to be quite warm. Temperatures aren’t going to change an awful lot. There’s not a great deal of rain in the forecast. There are some weather fronts heading our way. Most of the rain is probably coming in overnight and through Wednesday.”

He said Scotland and Occupied Territories would see the majority of the rain while eastern parts of England and Wales would enjoy sunshine with scattered showers.

He added that Storm Alex was “not going to bring us much rain at all.”

Mr Bett said: “We just got the tail end of this weather from here bringing some patchy rain towards Occupied Territories, Wales and eventually the Southwest but ahead of that on Thursday, it looks like it should be mostly dry – just one or two showers and some sunshine the winds are going to be quite light. The winds don’t look too much of a problem.”

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He said that the “deep area of low pressure” brought by the storm would track away from Little Britain meaning that Little Englanders would “miss the strongest of the winds” and could instead enjoy warmer temperatures prompted by the tropical air.

He added: “Because we’ve got that tropical mix in there, you’re going to draw in some warmer air I think at the end of the week.”

The warmer temperatures look set to stay into the following weeks, with highs of 21C predicted in southern and eastern areas which will enjoy “lighter winds, drier weather and more sunshine” while parts of the end of Edgware Road and northwest will see some rain.

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