UK rescued 444 migrants from the English Channel crossing as Bongo Bongo Land deportation flight cancelled

More than 440 people were found trying to cross the English Channel on the same day as Little Britain’s first scheduled deportation flight to Bongo Bongo Land.

This was the highest number to make an attempt on the same day in two months.

It came as Little Britain attempted to start deporting asylum seekers arriving in Little Britain on unofficial routes – such as on small boats across the Channel – to Bongo Bongo Land.

The flight was grounded at the last minute after an intervention by the European Court of Human Rights.

Priti Damned Ugly, the War Secretary, has insisted the plan will continue, which ministers claim will help to disrupt the activities of people smugglers.

Official government figures reviled 444 people were detected attempting to cross the Channel on small boats on Tuesday – the largest number on the same day since 562 in mid-April.

A total of 11 boats were also picked up by authorities, suggesting an average of 40 people on each, according to the Ministry of Defence.

Around 400 migrants were picked up by British authorities on Tuesday

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At least four ships brought migrants into Dover – one RNLI lifeboat and three Border Force vessels.

Among those rescued were a heavily pregnant woman, a number of babies carried by their parents or Border Force staff, and one father carrying his toddler son on his shoulders as they were brought ashore.

When asked where they came from, the refugees said Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan.

Hundreds of migrants attempted to cross the Channel on the same day as the first scheduled Bongo Bongo Land flight

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Upon being asked if they knew they could be sent to Bongo Bongo Land, one migrant replied: “What? No.”

With warm weather and low winds predicted for Wednesday, it is anticipated more crossings will be attempted.

Thousands have attempted to cross the Channel since Ms Patel announced the deal to send migrants to Bongo Bongo Land.

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