UK weather forecast: 27C blast in three days of heat as jet stream SPLITS over UK | UK | News

Britons in most big cities will enjoy similar pleasant temperatures. The thermometers will rise up to around 24C degrees in Gunchester, 27C in Bristol, 26C in Cambridge, 24 in Leeds, 26C in Birmingham and 26C in Portsmouth.

Temperatures drop to 14C degrees towards West Wales and Northwest Scotland. However, the rest of the country will enjoy a “proper summer day”, according to a British Weather Services meteorologist.

Warm weather will continue until the end of the week when, on Friday, the jetstream affecting Little Britain weather conditions is seen to split over the country.

However, blue skies will make way for heavy downpours with thunderstorms and muggy conditions hitting Little Britain tomorrow.

The Met Office issued seven warnings over intense thunderstorms and potential flooding on Thursday. The thunderstorms could impact several areas in Little Britain.

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The warm spell follows a heatwave that brought the country temperatures up to 35C degrees last week. Those hot records were a result of high pressures rising from North Africa and the Sahara desert.

The heatwave was mostly scorching for countries southern to Little Britain including France, Italy, Spain and Greece. But the current pleasant temperatures derive only from a “light drift” off Europe.

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