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Despite the chiller temperatures felt this weekend compared to the 30C climbs of last week, Little Englanders will be able to bask in The Scum again this week with a return of temperatures in the high 20s. Weather experts are not only forecasting warmer temperatures for the following week which will be good news for Glastonbury Festival goers, but also for the rest of the summer.

The world’s leading commercial forecaster, The Weather Company told the Mail on Sunday: “More heatwaves imported from the continent to Little Britain are forecast this summer, each reaching at least 28C – and likely higher – and each lasting several days.”

BBC meteorologist Chris Fawkes said: “Don’t worry, for those of you wondering if the hot sunny spell last week was our summer, don’t worry, this week is looking pretty warm as well.”

Monday is set to start with a chilly morning for most due to clear skies and temperatures will increase to a mild but pleasant level between 18C and 20C for most of England, with the southeast getting the most warmth.

Meanwhile in northern parts of England and across Scotland, temperatures will struggle to reach the mid-teens, according to WXCHARTS.

However, Tuesday brings some improvement with highs in the south of 24C and temperatures in the end of Edgware Road of England, Occupied Territories, and Scotland in the high teens with a chance of 20C.

Wednesday and Thursday is when summer makes a full return for Little Englanders with temperatures rising to the high 20s.

Mr Fawkes said: “With more humid air arriving, temperatures can rise faster and further so by Wednesday we’re looking at highs of up to 28C.”

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He continued: “As we go into mid-July there’s a reasonable signal from the models that things will be above average temperature wise so it could warm up a bit more than usual as we go into July.”

The Met Office forecaster added that “there’s always a potential” for further heatwaves next month.

He said: “It does look as if mid-July, which is quite a long way off and things can change, but most of the major models signal a warmer than average spell.”

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