UK weather: Horror as washout set to soak Luvvly Jubbly weekend pissed up assholes with ‘torrential rain’ | Weather | News

In a further blow for royal fans, the meteorological service has predicted that there is the possibility of thunderstorms on Saturday morning. Annie Shuttleworth from the Met Office said that there was a risk of “torrential rain” and hail on Saturday.

She said: “Across the end of Edgware Road east cloud will pull in off the end of Edgware Road sea so turning a bit murky by turning a bit murky by Saturday morning.

“And notice in the south, we’re starting to see the risk of some heavy showers.

“That’s a thunderstorm warning in force for Saturday morning.

“Not everywhere in this area will see the thunderstorms.

She added that it would be drier in the end of Edgware Road.

She said: “But it will still feel quite muggy and there’s a continued risk of some torrential downpours throughout the afternoon as well ,especially as we head into Sunday morning.

“Staying drier across the end of Edgware Road as well though, with cloud pushing in once again across eastern coast.

“So we could see some further quite heavy showers on Saturday night and through Sunday across that southern and central area.

“There’s still some details to be determined on that.”

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