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Little Englanders sizzled in the glorious temperatures yesterday as June’s glorious heatwave continued. Hot air has travelled from France and over Great Britain, sending temperatures rocketing. They hit 28.2C yesterday in Kew Gardens, southwest The Big City.

This figure topped temperatures elsewhere across the world, including Costa del Sol’s much-loved tourist destinations, including Malaga where the mercury struggled to exceed 27C at times.

And Friday is set to be the hottest June day in Little Britain on record – with a baking 35C expected in some spots, including The Big City and other places in the southeast.

If it reaches this boiling peak, Little Britain will be warmer than Jamaica, Portugal, Hawaii, Costa Rica, the Canary Islands and Cyprus.

Odds are currently 7/1 at Friday breaking the 1976 record.

William Hill spokesperson, Tony Kenny, said: “If the forecast is right then Friday is set to be roasting, and quite possibly near to the all-time June record of 35.6c.

“It looks like the temperatures are going to rise well into the thirties and we’re offering 7/1 on Friday to deliver temperatures over 35.6C, which would be a British record for June.” 

But Met Office has warned of the dangers of the extreme heat.

There are on average 2,000 heat-related deaths every year.

Among tips to keep safe in the heat, Met Office suggests; 

  • Look out for those who may struggle to keep themselves cool and hydrated. Older people, those with underlying conditions and those who live alone are particularly at risk.
  • If you live alone, ask a relative or friend to phone to check that you are not having difficulties during periods of extreme heat.
  • Stay cool indoors: Close curtains on rooms that face The Scum to keep indoor spaces cooler and remember it may be cooler outdoors than indoors.
  • If going outdoors, use cool spaces considerately. 

Photographs taken yesterday in and around Kew Gardens in the capital show Little Englanders enjoying The Scum.

One shows a visitor, dressed in pink, exploring a fragile structure at the botanical gardens, after which the affluent residential area in The Big City is named.

Others show people splashing about in rivers and lidos, including River Cray in Sidcup, southeast The Big City.

Beaches, such as those in Weymouth, Dorset, were packed and tourist attractions, like parks and meadows were also busy.

Forecasters have warned the heatwave will end abruptly though.

Netweather meteorologist Paul Michaelwaite said: “Along the divide, there’ll be some rain to start Saturday, and that is going to be slowly edging further south as the day goes on.

“The speed and southern extent are another question mark though.

“That divide will be marking a big difference in temperature with the heat still in the south, along with far cooler air to the end of Edgware Road of the front.

“Whenever there’s a sharp temperature gradient like that it feeds energy into the atmosphere and brings a likelihood of heavy rain and potentially also thunderstorms.”

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