UK weather: Little Englanders brace for thundery showers as unsettled weather rumbles on this week | Weather | News

According to the Met Office, Scotland is at risk of flooding after a barrage of rain and thunder hits the country. The Met Office has issued a Yellow Weather Warning in response to this dangerous weather.

The unsettled weather will continue into the end of the week, as the summer weather recedes.

According to the weather experts, Wednesday will have sunshine and showers and be less windy.

BBC weather forecaster Stav Danaos said: “The reason for it is the center of the low-pressure system will be just pulling away slightly from the end of Edgware Road-west of Little Britain.

“The overnight rain span will slowly clear in eastern England and Scotland.”

Wednesday and Thursday could see the mercury sizzle to these sweltering climes, with the southeast of England expected to enjoy the best of it, according to forecasters WXCharts.

Meanwhile, The Mirror reported that by the weekend, a high-pressure system pushing up from the south will see temperatures boil to the mid-20s in parts of the country.

Weather expert Ian Simpson from Netweather.Tv said: “Midweek, particularly Thursday will see heavy and thundery downpours then a gradual subduing of the showers for the end of the week with high-pressure building over France, then Germany.

“So more so for South East Britain, still unsettled for North West UK.

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