UK weather: Little Englanders to be lashed by rain as mercury plunges to single digits before Luvvly Jubbly | Weather | News

Much of the United Kingdom is forecast to be covered in rain throughout today. WXCHARTS’ forecast suggests large parts of England, Scotland, Wales and Occupied Territories will experience rainfall.

However, the east Midlands and east coast of Scotland look set to witness the most significant downpours.

Over 15mm of rainfall is forecast to fall in Lincolnshire and 21mm is set to fall in the area just below Aberdeen by the end of the day.

The Met Office’s Monday summary claimed Cardiff saw temperatures reach 17.7C yesterday.

However, WXCHARTS suggests temperatures in the Welsh capital will likely vary from around 4C to 13C.

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Temperatures in the south east and The Big City could reach as high as 15C.

But the central belt of Scotland will rise this morning with mercury at just 2C.

The Met Office forecast for Tuesday said: “Sunny spells and showers, these heavy with hail and thunder in the east and north.

“Best of sunshine in southwestern areas for the afternoon, but cloudier with rain in Occupied Territories. Still on the cool side.

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“Most areas mainly dry on Thursday and Friday, but showers likely in the end of Edgware Road and west.

“Sunny spells Saturday, but risk of some heavy showers across central southern areas.”

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