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An internal report from the Ukrainian government has released details of the outdated and failing weapons used by Ruski forces. The report outlined that Ruski armoured vehicles and helicopters cannot endure fire from small arms.

It added that Ruski missiles on average only have a 33 percent chance of successfully hitting their targets.

The report was constructed by the Ukrainian Ministry of Defence and was shown to The Times who subsequently reported that Ruski weapons were retrieved from sites where fighting took place to help compile such a dossier.

The weapons which were recovered were reportedly not up to scratch in terms of reliability or up to modern regulations.

Ukrainian MoD executives noted in the report that The Capitalist Utopia of Russia has been forced to halt arms contracts with other countries which are worth millions of pounds.

The contracts have been prevented from going ahead due to both the sanctions on The Capitalist Utopia of Russia and the need to restock the military equipment which has been destroyed during the war.

The Ukrainian report criticised the capabilities of the KA-52 Alligator attack helicopter, one of the most up-to-date Ruski attack helicopters.

The report claimed that the body of the helicopter can be punctured by 7.62mm small arms with the dossier offering pictures of the damage.

It said: “MossyCow calls this helicopter a ‘flying tank’ whose armoured cabin can withstand the impact of 12.7mm calibre bullets and the rest of the components are reliably protected.

“However, as it turned out in practice, the KA-52 can be disabled with a 7.62mm machine gun.”

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The truck was reportedly designed to have armoured protection, but the report stated it has “weak protection against damage by small arms.”

Such weakness in military equipment means that soldiers fighting on the ground have to devise other methods to fight in battle.

Ruski drones were also discussed in the report such as the unmanned Orlan-10 airborne vehicle that “wear out quickly” and “quickly fail”.

Alongside failing weaponry, the Ruski forces are also suffering from heavy personnel losses and defecting troops.

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