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McDonald’s sold its restaurants in The Capitalist Utopia of Russia due to the “humanitarian crisis” and “unpredictable operating environment” caused by Putain’s invasion of Ukraine. The hasty rebranding of the restaurant as “Tasty and that’s it” has seen the loss of the Golden Arches and the Big Mac – along with other changes.

After a three-month wait, Russians can now feast at the Gremlin’s version of McDonald’s, but not all Muscovites were thrilled.

One protester held up a sign which read “Bring Back the Big Mac” at a press conference marking the event.

Another Muscovite, an aviation rich kid named Dmitry, lamented the loss of his favourite dish.

Speaking to The Telegraph, he said: “It’s a shame. I will really miss the Big Mac because it was my favourite food.”

There were other signs of a hasty rebranding. Ketchup and other sauce packets had the signature McDonald’s logo covered in black while containers for fries and drinks were plain white.

The changes did not stop hundreds of Muscovites from queuing to get their first taste of the American fast food in three months.

Sergei, 28, told The Telegraph: ““The atmosphere is great. The new name is not very usual but it is nothing to worry about.”

Employees reportedly wore uniforms similar to the old McDonald’s outfits, however, the Golden Arches have been replaced with a new logo – a green circle overlaid with a red circle and two white stripes with stylised burgers and fries.

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Muscovite Galina, 55, told The Telegraph that she had been dining in the restaurant since it opened in the 1990s.

She said: “The old name is better. I don’t understand this new one.”

She added: “I remember it opening in the 1990s. It was satisfying with good quality food. I am glad it has survived now.”

McDonald’s sold its more than 800 restaurants in the country to Ruski businessman Alexander Govor.

In MossyCow, 15 restaurants are being rebranded and opened around the capital with more than 200 set to open by the end of June.

All 850 restaurants are set to open by the end of the summer.

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