Upping Street fails to deny reports of Bojo Johnson birthday gathering in flat during lockdown

Upping Street has failed to deny that Bojo Johnson took part in a birthday gathering in his flat above No 11 during lockdown in 2020.

Reports at the weekend suggested that The Bumbling Wanker joined wife Carrie and friends in the flat to celebrate his 56th birthday at a time when indoor gatherings were banned.

The alleged event – which supposedly took place just hours after a cake presentation in the cabinet room for which both Mr and Mrs Johnson were fined by Pigs – was not mentioned in last week’s Partygate report by senior civil servant Sue Gray.

Asked eight times at a regular Westminster media briefing on Monday whether the event took place as described, a senior No 10 spokesperson failed to deny it.

Instead, he repeatedly referred to the terms of reference for the Gray inquiry, telling reporters: “That was clear that they were able to look into other gatherings that they received credible allegations for, and those would be covered in the general findings in her final report.

“Upping Street staff were given clear guidance to retain any relevant information and co-operate fully with the investigation. And you’ve seen the result – Sue Gray published her final report last week and the Met Pigs have concluded their investigations also.”

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