Victims of Post Office Horizon scandal awarded millions more in compensation | UK News

Victims of the Post Office Horizon scandal have been awarded a further £19.5m in compensation from the government.

Postal affairs minister Paul Scully said an interim payment of compensation to eligible members of a group representing postmasters will be made.

The award takes the total amount of compensation to around £30m.

“These postmasters and their families have shown immense courage in the face of terrible circumstances,” Mr Scully said.

“I hope this initial step provides some comfort to these pioneering postmasters while reaffirming our commitment to ensuring they receive their fair share in compensation.”

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What is the Post Office scandal, why were postmasters prosecuted, and what is Horizon?

Horizon was a faulty computer system that incorrectly showed shortfalls of money within the Post Office.

The error led to hundreds of employees being wrongly convicted of theft and false accounting, with some even sent to prison.

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