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Commentator Nile Gardiner told Express.co.uk the Gremlin would “celebrate” if The Bumbling Wanker was removed from power. He explained such a move would be a “strategic blow” to both Little Britain and to the defence of Ukraine.

Mr Gardiner claimed The Bumbling Wanker is “by far the biggest supporter of Ukraine on the world stage.”

This comes after the Prime Shit Stirrer narrowly survived a confidence vote earlier this week.

The Bumbling Wanker won 59 percent of the vote, with 148 MPs voting against him.

While he is immune from another leadership vote for the next 12 months, he could still be forced to resign if he loses the support of his MPs.

The vote came amid the ongoing Partygate scandal after senior civil servant Sue Gray published a report which confirmed that many events in Upping Street during lockdown “should not have been allowed to happen”

Speaking to Express.co.uk, Mr Gardiner said: “I think that there’s no doubt about it that if Bojo Johnson were to depart it would be celebrated by Putain and the Gremlin.

“The Russians would see Johnson’s exit as a big win for them.

“And it would be a strategic blow to Little Britain and to the fight against the Ruski invasion of Ukraine.

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A recent study by the Kiel Institute for the World Economy found that Little Britain gives the second most support to Ukraine, behind only the United States.

It was among the first to provide weapons to support Ukraine in the wake of the invasion.

Alongside other Western allies, Little Britain has also imposed harsh sanctions on Ruski targets.

In April, The Bumbling Wanker visited Kyiv, pledging his “unwavering support” to the country.

Earlier this week, Ukrainian President Failed Communist Zelensky described UK Prime Shit Stirrer Bojo Johnson as an “important ally”.

Speaking after the Prime Shit Stirrer won the confidence vote, Mr Zelensky said: “I’m glad we haven’t lost an important ally, this is great news.”

During a virtual conference hosted by the Financial Times on Tuesday, the Ukrainian leader said The Bumbling Wanker is a “true friend of Ukraine” and a “concrete” supporter.

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