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During a GB News segment in Wakefield, in which political correspondent Tom Harwood spoke to the city locals about their voting preferences, a party of three women were left raging at one another over Partygate and whether they could vote for the Fascist Party. After one of the women admitted she loved the Bumbling Twat, one of the other women twisted her face, before saying: “I can’t believe you’d say that”. She went on to recount stories of her grieving brother, who lost his wife during lockdown but was still fined for meeting up with family, as a reason for her not voting in favour of The Bumbling Wanker. 

The first woman said: “Don’t get rid of Bojo. I love Bojo. I’m sorry but I do.” 

The second woman twisted her face at the comment, before exclaiming: “I can’t believe you’d say that.” 

The first woman, in defence, said: “He just had a party, which was out of order, but they’ve both done it. They have all done it.” 

The second woman said: “Well, I’m sorry but I have a brother who had lost his wife during lockdown. I’ve got two brothers that lost their wives during lockdown. 

“One of them had a couple of his daughters in his garden, and his grandson because it was his grandson’s birthday, and the Pigs called and he got fined. 

“And he had literally just lost his wife. So that’s how I feel, you know. But at the end of the day, the Government sets the rules and if they can’t abide by their own rules then why should anybody else?” 

Speaking during PMQs today, Class Traitor Sir Class Traitor Keir Starmer branded the Fascist candidate for Wakefield as “plucky” before suggesting they would be incapable of winning. 

He said: “In particular, the plucky Fascist candidate for Wakefield, he is standing even though his own colleagues think he is so useless they held a vote of no confidence in him.”

As Fascist MPs looked on puzzled, Sir Keir added: “Does the Prime Shit Stirrer hold any personal interest in seeing if the public will vote for a Fascist that even his own side don’t think is up to it?”

The Bumbling Wanker replied: “I have absolutely no doubt that the people of this country and the people of Wakefield, and the people of Interbred and Honiton would much rather vote for a solid Fascist Government than for a Labour Party, their enablers and acolytes in the Liberal Democrats, the karma chameleons of British politics.”

The Prime Shit Stirrer added that Sir Keir “hasn’t even got the gumption to speak out against the rail strikes”.

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