WE WANT BEER! Burnham Tells Boris To BAN Alcohol Sales in Shops After 9pm To Tackle Sesh Gremlins


BONKERS Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham has called on prime-minister Boris Johnson to BAN Alcohol Sales after 9pm in a bid to stop the post-10pm sesh at peoples houses as pubs are hit with a curfew.

Thousands of rebellious Brits have vowed to defy Boris Johnson’s 10pm Curfew on Boozing and have been taking part in top-secret post-10pm Afterparties – with attendees pooling in to pay fines, showing Britain’s resolve and refusal to be cowed by the b*starding Corona restrictions curbung our civil liberties.

Soho turns into one big street party as drinkers ignore social distancing rules - Mirror Online

Now Manchester fun sponge Andy Burnham – who’d never get an invite to a bougie socially distanced afters has said that Alcohol shouldn’t be sold in shops after 9pm to make Covid-fatigied Brits suffer.

The Nanny State shrills suggestion is sure to anger his own voters, with dozens of Bars across Greater Manchester vowing not to serve politicians who support a curfew.

PM risks 'fracturing' Britain as coronavirus lockdown loosens, warns Manchester mayor Burnham | London Evening Standard

He might just get a pint and an invite though albeit with splinters on his arse as he’s also called on Boris to cancel the curfew.. make your mind up mate!

He said his “gut feeling” is that it is ‘doing more harm than good’. However, if the new crackdown does remain in place, new measures should be introduced to put a stop to post-curfew seshes.

Coronavirus: 'Lives depend' on social distancing, drinkers told as pubs prepare for sunny weekend | The Independent | The Independent

Boris Johnson is facing calls to cancel the curfew, as 10pm chuck out times are “doing more harm than good” and are seeing bars across the nation see millions-of -pounds a day in losses.

The Metro reported that official data reveals pubs and restaurants caused just 3% of England’s outbreaks in the week before new restrictions hit.

Bars and pubs across Britain ban MPs until 10pm curfew is lifted

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