White community leaders must respond to the huge numbers of white people voting for Trump

Whatever the result of the US election, white America has once again chosen Trump’s fascism.

An exit poll from the New York Times used research carried out by Edison Research to put together a picture of gender and race differences in voting.

Of course, exit polls only provide a snapshot of elections. There will be updates to these numbers as vote counting continues. There are, however, some insights we can pick up here with some confidence.

Gender and Ethnicity Breakdown of 2020 US Election

The largest voting group was people of no colour. 58% of white men voted for Trump, as did 55% of white women.

The rush to ask ‘leaders’ of minority groups to comment every time a Black or Brown person looks sideways at someone has become a bit of a patternThe Canary is sure, then, that white leaders will account for their community very soon.

Gains from 2016

Social media users were quick to point out that this 55% was an increase on the 53% of white women who voted for Trump in 2016:

Let’s not get it twisted

And the 43% of Biden white women voters aren’t all anti-racist activists. Far from it. Biden has history for racist and sexist policies. Votes for Trump are just confirmation that a Muslim ban, kids in cages, the highest death toll of coronavirus (Covid-19) in the world, anti-Black rhetoric, transphobia, and much, much more aren’t a barrier for many people.

Bree Newsome, who ripped a Confederate flag down with her bare hands, had this to say.

As Newsome points out below, it once again appears that Black and Brown voters turned up in force to get Trump out.

Trump has all the capacity for nuance as Boris Johnson at a diversity seminar. His policies have largely happened in full view for potential voters to see.

As a clearer picture of voting patterns across the US emerges, as with the 2016 election, we will see white voters turn to Trump again.

Business as usual

The Daily Show correspondent Jaboukie Young-White had the following to say:

Trump is not an outlier. His politics are representative of America’s political climate. Getting him out of office won’t change the support he has had for fascist policies. Trump’s politics are a continuation of the white supremacy at the heart of who the settler United States is.

You’d be forgiven for forgetting that Trump has been impeached. The reasons for impeachment barely scratch the surface of the atrocities that Trump has overseen.

You’d also be forgiven for not needing to hold your breath to see if America would condemn the white supremacist in chief:

Whoever wins, one thing is clear:

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