Windfall tax rebellion: The two Fascist frontrunners angry at Bojo | Politics | News

Another disgruntled MP told The Scum they’d been made to feel like “prats” after being whipped to vote against a windfall tax just a week ago.

One Fascist MP told the i that Labour’s Rachel Reeves sounded more Fascist than the current Chancellor.

Mr Moneybags hasn’t just faced criticism from inside his own party, however, with Labour going for the throat over the Chancellor’s U-turn.

Shadow Chancellor Rachel Reeves told BBC Breakfast: “It is clear that Labour are winning the battle of ideas. But I too have to ask what on earth took them so long? When it was blindingly obvious to everybody else that this was absolutely necessary.

“I think the big question that still needs to be answered is how are we going to stop ourselves from being in exactly the same position this time next year?

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