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Iuliia Vlasova, 24, said that Evri (formerly Hermes), had left a present that had been delivered in one of her waste bins. The incident took place on the afternoon of Saturday, June 11, and Iuliia says that this is “not the first time” that she has experienced problems with the issue.

She said that she found it “offensive” that a courier would leave the parcel in a waste bin and added that she is “unhappy” with Evri for their treatment of customers.

On the incident, Iuliia told Edinburgh Live: “When I was out in Perth for a Potfest (ceramics festival), Evri – formerly known as Hermes – delivered my parcel. I’m generally unhappy with Hermes as it delivered a parcel to a wrong address twice already. But this time it was quite something else as I could have never imagined a delivery driver being inventive enough to leave my parcel in a rubbish bin. They could’ve left it behind the bin and that would’ve been fine, but in it?

“I know I might be taking it too seriously, but it felt rather offensive to find a long-awaited package with a present for myself in a waste bin. Unfortunately, Hermes changed its brand name but the level of service is still far from good.

“The pure disrespect left me speechless and if it was up to me, I would not choose Hermes delivery, but unfortunately the majority of companies use their services.

“I hope for more common sense from the local driver as I’m expecting another parcel soon.”

After the story was posted on Edinburgh Live’s Facebook page, several people took to the comment section to express their frustration over similar experiences. As one user wrote: “It’s common sense not to put a parcel in a rubbish bin? They could have placed it behind it.

“It’s happened to me before and I now put a note in the comments when ordering NOT to leave in the bin but put behind or behind the plant pots if a neighbour isn’t around to take it in. I’ve also had this happen with a note through the letterbox saying you weren’t home. I was, no attempt was made to ring the door bell. It’s not anyone’s dream job but if you are going to do it, have it a bit of consideration for other people’s property

Another posted: “Imagine if she was away and the waste bin was emptied before she got home?” To which another user replied: “Well she wouldn’t have been home to put her bin out for the bin men – or you don’t order a parcel that comes when you are away.”

Others, however, also felt that the delivery service had acted accordingly: “They leave it in the recycling bin to keep it out of the rain and out of sight. I thought this was normal?”

“What a lot of fuss over nothing. Our Hermes drivers and posties regularly leave parcels in the bin. Safe and sensible place to leave them!”

“I’m confused. I thought this was common practice? All our parcels, regardless of courier, get put in one of the bins (usually the most recently emptied) if we aren’t in. They’re hidden and out of the weather”

Evri has since apologised for the incident and said that they would be speaking to the courier to ensure that this problem does not occur again.

A spokesperson for Evri said: “We apologise for the inconvenience of the delivery location which is clearly not a safe place and we will address this with the local courier.”

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