YOU’RE NOT COMING IN! Bars and Restaurants Across Britain REFUSE to Serve MPs over 10 pm Curfew #CancelTheCurfew

BARS and Restaurants across Britain have vowed to refuse to serve MPs over the disastrous 10pm curfew that has been accused of “crippling” the hospitality sector.

One bar called Mojo said: “We call on our friends in pubs & restaurants across the country to join us in putting all the members of parliament on notice.”

“Until they release our industry to trade/provide us with viable financial support, we will not serve them.”


LABOUR Manchester Mayor has slammed Boris Johnson for closing bars and restaurants in Bolton – despite cases falling and has told him to ‘open-up’ Bolton’s bars and restaurants.

Boris has forced Bolton’s pubs and restaurants to close and they can only operate a takeaway-only service crushing an already struggling hospitality sector.

The ban comes as FOUR boroughs in England have LARGER rates than Bolton, yet the town is the only one in the country to have strict measures.

The Bolton News reported that Burnham issued the ultimatum to Boris calling on him to allow Bolton’s pubs and restaurants to serve customers like the rest of the country or introduce the same restrictions to boroughs with higher infection rates.

Burnham tweeted: “This is the problem with local restrictions.”

“Once they’re in, they tend to stay in.”

“And the longer they’re in, the more the anomalies/injustices grow.”

“Either Ministers close hospitality in places with high cases with compensation.”

“Or let Bolton’s open today. It’s that simple.”

Retreat Bolton - Bolton, Greater Manchester | OpenTable

The Bolton Evening News reported that high-end Bolton restaurant and bar Retreat who have three sites in the Town with a ban on bars and restaurants opening – the only place in Greater Manchester to have such measures.

The boss of Retreat has written to Health Secretary Matt Hancock asking why Bolton is being subjected to different rules.

He also urged owners of other Restaurants, bars and pubs in Bolton who have been closed for three weeks to “Write to Matt Hancock” to voice concern.

Richard Hibbert, the director of Retreat, said: “We are just being ignored. David Greenhalgh and the MPs Chris Green and Mark Logan have been pushing for restrictions to change.

First look inside Retreat restaurant in Bromley Cross | The Bolton News

“They have been saying that Bolton needs to be put on a level playing field. But unfortunately the national government aren’t taking any notice.

“We were told to close because Bolton had the highest rate, we had exceeded 120 cases per 100,000.

“But now there are 26 other boroughs who have higher rates then this and their hospitality businesses haven’t closed.

“It just feels like one rule for us and one rule for everyone else, we have been left hung out to dry.”

“It’s totally unjust. They seem to be ignoring everyone in Manchester; the MPs, the Mayor, the papers, they’re not taking any notice.

“What we want is to be able to open until 10pm like the rest of the country, or ensure that other boroughs with high rates have to close businesses like us.”

All the new lockdown restrictions introduced in Bolton following surge in coronavirus cases - Manchester Evening News

“We’ve got 70 staff to pay, we have bills to pay, we have furlough payments to pay.”

“How do they expect us to fund this when we have no money coming in.”

“There’s a grant which gives you £1,000 for every three weeks you are closed.”

“Well, 10% of our payroll is four grand. These are not zero cost businesses.”

“Somewhere like Retreat is well established, so we should be ok at least until Christmas, but this will be the end for other businesses, and Retreat can’t last forever either.”

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